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Mitico Portable Decon Waste Pools


Collections: Decon/Hazmat Equipment, Environmental

Vendor: Mitico



Self-Expanding Reinforced Sidewall (Airless) DeCon Wash/Waste Pool

DP-6 Decon Pool, re-usable, includes ground pad, retention hose and storage canister, 62” ID (157.48 cm) x 78” OD (198.12 cm) 85 gal / 322 liters capacity, 32 lbs (14.51 kg)

Hoop sold separately

Quick setup for on-site use. The pool is reusable, the liner disposable. Provides cost effective waste water retention and containment. Unique design compresses for stowage and requires no air or water to inflate. MITI’s Portable DeCon Pool System incorporates a durable and removable protective ground pad with permanently attached belts and quick couplers. This ground pad design enables the user to quickly attach the pool’s waste water retention ring. Once the ring is in place, the pool’s disposable liner – made of polyethylene – is quickly and easily laid over the ring and tucked into place for use.

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