Due to high demand of PPE and Respiratory Protection products, some items are not available at this time.

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We are proud to provide New Jersey and Delaware State Contracts with several manufacturers

**Gen-el Safety ships within the contiguous United States Only**

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We have the Draeger Mask R55270, and Cartridges 6738035 and 6738361 available for shipping today! Both cartridges offer P100 protection.


The NEW OHD QuantiFit2 Fit Testing System - Cordless operation now!...

  The OHD QuantiFit2 is a highly specialized instrument that utilizes OHD’s scientifically proven and patented Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP)...

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Make Sure You Have The Right First Aid Kit - OSHA...

Gen-el Safety has First Aid Kits for any job size Be prepared, protect your employees A guide to OSHA Regulations...

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Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Gas Detectors - Guidance from Draeger

Cleaning & Disinfection of your Gas Detectors – Draeger Pac and X-am Devices There are multiple ways to clean and...

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Safety & Industrial Products

Gen-el Safety is a premier safety distributor, protecting employees and property for over 25 years. We specialize in gas detection and respiratory protection, while providing a comprehensive array of safety equipment for all industries. Our products protect First Responders, HazMat and Environmental workers, Industrial Plants, and also Construction and Government employees. Gen-el Safety provides training, SCBA fit testing, and calibration services.

Gen-el Safety is proud to provide several New Jersey and Delaware state contracts, as well as being a long standing member of the Morris County Cooperative.

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