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Mitico In-Line Mult Manifold (MMIL25-6)


Collections: Decon/Hazmat Equipment, Environmental

Vendor: Mitico



2-1/2" Rocker-Lug Inlet, Outlet 2-1/2" Male NH with cap, (6) 1/4 turn, one-way brass ball valves with threaded garden hose outlet

MITI’s In-Line Multi-Manifold broadens the scope of Multi-Manifold use and application, and provides the ability for additional manifolds or other devices to be connected downline from the source, while simultaneously providing multiple 3⁄4” hose outlets in line. Applications include decontamination, overhaul, wild land fire, disaster and domestic emergency water supply.

Features  Corrosion-free hard coated heavy wall aluminum pipe and fittings.  Fitting/adapter provide for attachment to either 21⁄2” or 11⁄2” FM coupling or hose.  Connects to source at hydrant/apparatus and multiple 3⁄4” hose.  500psi certified 1⁄4-turn brass ball valves.

Size: 9” W x 12.5” L x 4.75” W (22.86 x 31.75 x 12.07 cm), 10.5 lbs/4.67 kg

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