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Rigaku CQL Gen-ID Raman Analyzer


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Rigaku CQL Gen-ID 1064nm -

Rugged handheld Raman analyzer for material identification of solids and liquids.

Includes; 3 year limited warranty, 3 years of software and library updates, 3 years of Reachback service.

Includes CommandSuite Fleet Management Software for use on up to 2 instruments.

Kit Includes:

  •  1064nm excitation laser technology with adjustable 490mW (Max) laser
  •  Touchscreen and softkey Graphical User Interface 
  •  Integrated 5MP Camera/Barcode Reader
  • 4C predictive software with onboard database of threat manufacturing recipes
  •  Spectral Library Database of over 4,000 items.

Included Libraries; Biomolecule, Cutting Agent, Explosive, Explosive Precursor, General Chemical, General Precursor, Household Chemical, Industrial Chemical 1, Narcotic, Narcotic Precursor, Pharmaceutical, Polymer, Solvent, Steroid

  • CQL Gen-ID Operating Software - Optimized for Safety & Security Applications 
  •  Integrated Wi-Fi or Peer-to-Peer connectivity to view or download results remotely and immediately on cell phone or PC
  • 36-Month Limited Warranty 

Included Accessories:

  • 1024195 - Desktop Battery Charger with AC Power Supply
  • 1026064 - Li-Ion Batteries (Qty: 2)
  • 1022341 - USB-C to USB-A Data Cable
  • 1024196 - USB-C to USB-C Power Cable (Includes USB-C Power Supply)
  • 1032060 - Gen-ID User Manual (PDF on Flash Drive)
  • 1032061 - Gen-ID Quick Start Guide
  • 1012217 - Adjustable Base Adapter
  • 1032437 - Universal Sample Holder - Monolithic
  • 1031724 - Vial Holder, Fixed Focus, Plastic
  • 1023361 - Ruggedized Carry Case
  • 1030497 - Polystyrene Self Check Standard
  • 1020336 - Benzonitrile Calibration Reference Standard
  • 1023001 - Rigaku hand strap
  • 1023625 - Protective Silicone Bumpers - Standard Color is Black (Other color options are available and can be selected at time of order)

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