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Draeger PARAT® 5530 Escape Hood Hard Case


Collections: Masks, Cartridges & Filters, Respiratory Protection

Vendor: Draeger



Draeger PARAT 5530 Escape Hood In Hard Case

Protect yourself from fire-related gases and particles with the PARAT 5530 escape hood. The hood comes in a robust hard case and will provide you with a minimum of 15 minutes to escape from a hazardous situation.

The device comes with an integrated, high-performance CO-P2 filter, which is deployed, into an operational position once the filter plug is automatically released. This will allow the hood to be immediately donned and used.

Another great feature of the PARAT 5530 is the self-adjusting harness, which can be found internally. It means there are no additional adjustments to be made once the hood is donned and an immediate escape can be made.


  • Filter plugs seal the filter until opened
  • Device secured with anti-tamper seal
  • Able to be clipped onto your belt or shoulder strap
  • Window in packaging indicates the filter expiry date
  • Brightly colored hood enhances visibility
  • Hot air released through the exhalation valve
  • Anti-fog coated lens allows a wide field of vision

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