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Air Systems Breather Box® - BB100-COIS


Collections: Ventilation

Vendor: Air Systems



100 cfm Breather Box®, Intrinsically Safe, 123 cfm flow capacity, 4 couplings

Item Details

  • Air Systems International 100 CFM Intrinsically Safe Breather Box® portable air filtration system is designed to filter incoming air from a compressor to provide respirator users Grade-D quality air while monitoring for CO
  • 100 CFM Intrinsically Safe Breather Box®
  • 123 CFM flow capacity
  • In-Line Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitor
  • 2-year warranty on sensor and CO monitor
  • Dual 9 VDC battery
  • Filter change indicator on all 3 filters
  • Safety visual flowmeter to verify air flow to monitor, adjustable flow rate: 50-100 cc
  • Safety relief valve set at 125 psi for outlet pressure
  • External CO warning LED light and audible alarm, 95 dBA
  • Solid aluminum block manifold with manual drain
  • All respirator couplings provided with safety lock feature
  • 0-160 psi pressure gauge
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure - 150 psi
  • 4 couplings
  • Canadian Z180.1
  • BS-EN 12021:1999
  • OSHA 1910.134

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