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Air Systems Auto-Air Breather Box - Please choose variation


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Fully Automatic Reserve Air System

The Auto-Air™ filtration system was developed to provide Grade-D breathing air with full automatic reserve air for use in Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) work locations. In the event of electrical failure or reduced pressure from the primary air source, reserve air activation automatically switches to the reserve air cylinder(s). An alarm signals the worker(s) the primary air system has failed and switched to the back-up air system.

Key Details: • Primary Air Line, ½” Inlet - Hansen 5000 Style Fitting • Reserve Air Line, ¼” Inlet - Hansen 3000 Style Fitting • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor • CO/O2 Monitors also Available • Intrinsically Safe CO/O2 Monitors also Available on Pneumatic Models • Filter Change Indicators on All Filters • 2 Automatic Drains with Discharge Tubes • Remote Alarm Jack Receptacle (Remote Alarm Optional) • External Warning Lights and Alarm • Reserve Cylinders Sold Separately

Always size the reserve air system to allow an adequate safety factor for all workers to egress the environment.

BB30-COAA - 30cfm Auto-Air™ Breather Box®, 115 VAC, 48 cfm fl ow capacity, 2 or 3 couplings
BB50-COAA - 50cfm Auto-Air™ Breather Box®, 115 VAC, 79 cfm fl ow capacity, 4 couplings
BB100-COAA - 100cfm Auto-Air™ Breather Box®, 115 VAC, 123 cfm fl ow capacity, 4 couplings
BB30-COAAP - 30cfm Intrinsically Safe Auto-Air™ Breather Box®, 48 cfm fl ow capacity, 2 or 3 couplings
BB50-COAAP - 50cfm Intrinsically Safe Auto-Air™ Breather Box®,79 cfm fl ow capacity, 4 couplings
BB100COAAP - 100cfm Intrinsically Safe Auto-Air™ Breather Box®, 123 cfm fl ow capacity, 4 couplings

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