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Saint Gobain ONESUIT Trainer, standard suit


Collections: Chemical Clothing

Vendor: Saint Gobain



Saint Gobain ONESUIT Trainer, standard suit - this trainer is a fully-encapsulating "Level A" training suit for training purposes only. Build with the same design as your certified ONESUIT Level A Suit, and constructed using flexible and durable CORETECH material, ONESUIT Trainer allows you to train and simulate operating in a ONESUIT without the risk of damaging a high-value certified suit.

ONESUIT Trainer features Saint Gobain's single-layer anti-fog visor, providing superior clarity and permanent anti-fog resistance. The suit may be used repeatedly for as long as it remains functional, and its simple design does not require extensive maintenance beyond simple hygienic cleaning.

ONESUIT Trainer's high visibility color makes it easily identifiable, and is clearly marked "For Training Use Only" to prevent inadvertent use in an actual incident.

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